SAKYU Segway Nature Guide Tour Experience

A new experience that lets you ride on an off-road Segway across the vast scenery of the Tottori Sand Dunes at a comfortable speed while enjoying the wind, and with a sweeping view of the grand scenery!

Have "picture time" at largely unknown scenic points at the dunes, go to rare areas too far to travel to by foot that you can pass through to get to the sea, freely enjoy your Segway in a super wide area, and more!

This Segway tour of the dunes is an extremely rare experience, not possible anywhere else in Asia!

It's also the only place in Japan that you can experience riding a Segway in a national park!

There is "fun you can feel and moving experiences that you can have because you are on a Segway at the Tottori Sand Dunes".

From nonathletic individuals, the elderly, and women who say "walking on the sand is grueling", to individuals who want to more fully enjoy the dunes, the tour delivers you the fun and moving experiences offered by the Tottori Sand Dunes without tiring you out, such as its scenery, air, aromas, calmness, comfort, vegetation, history, etc., all while you enjoy the most comfortable ride ever on your Segway.



Government Crowd Funding

​Safe & Simple!

You can feel at ease, as a Segway instructor will give instructions thoroughly. The instructor is a licensed "Sand Dunes Guide," so he has a thorough knowledge of the Sand Dunes!

​The quiet and beautiful western area of the Sand Dunes

The scenery of interwoven "horseback" dunes in the Eastern area that is characteristic of the Sand Dunes is well known, but the western area also has a different beauty and magnificent features. We will go and fully enjoy the western area by Sand Dunes Segway!

​Unique in Asia!

This is the only place in Japan where you can experience driving a Segway in a national park. Also, this is the only place in Asia with a Segway Tour on a sand dune area, making it a rare experience!

​Today from now
I'd like to experience it!

Joining in on the day itself is OK!

Being able to understand Japanese is a prerequisite for participation. People who do not understand Japanese cannot join (as the instructions and guidance are currently in Japanese.)

​Plans to select from:

120 minutes tour: ¥8,000

50 minutes

middle experience: ¥5,000


(Including sales tax Excluding insurance fee) (Reservations are not possible for the 50-minute middle experience)

Tour Plan(120min)


Any time reception

① 9:45 ~

② 13:00 ~

③ 15:20 ~


Tax / insurance included

Any time reception

Middle Plan(50min)



Any time reception


※ As we start class as soon as each holding time comes, please come by 15 minutes before start time by all means.
There is no change in departure time due to traffic congestion or other delays, so please consider your arrival time. After the program starts, you can not basically participate later.
Even in that case, you will be charged 100% of the charge, so please be careful.

​Reception / place of implementation

(150 m from private car park)

Tottorisakyu Nishi Kyukeisha (Ichirimatsu )


Free private parking (150 m to the reception / place of implementation)


Tottorisakyu West Momonjyo Parking1390-436 Hamasaka,Tottorishi,Tottori


砂丘セグウェイ 集合場所

Only authorized vehicles are allowed to enter the Tottori Sand Dunes.


Those entering by vehicle without authorization will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


It is permitted to use Segways on the Sand Dunes.



tel: 090 - 9415 - 3981

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